My name is Trisha Esperanza and this is my space.

I’m adding to the noise because making things makes me feel things, and because there are many things that make me feel things and I like making things about things that make me feel things in the hope that you also feel things about these things and would like to talk about these things and your feelings about them.

I guess one of my goals is… to also make things that make you feel things. Hopefully right now confused isn’t one of them. Though confused can be a good thing, in the right circumstances. More on that some other time.

I had a decent About page in my last blog and that’s still fairly accurate so I’m just going to paste that now

With a few edits. Of course.

I don’t have a decent enough picture (yet, maybe), so I’ll stick to this mostly accurate self-doodle I made three years ago.

I write and edit and draw a bit. I also paint and make music and play games and attempt voice things.

I love cheese, paper, pens, memories, music, and journaling. And many other things. I can get lost in an endless internet loop of research and links and sublinks and sub-sublinks until I’m hit over the head with a deadline. I don’t like deadlines. But I need them.

I’ve been documenting my thoughts since I was nine. I’m going to keep documenting my thoughts until I fade away.

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