First journal week 2023

My weekly journal has reached the end of its first week and I’ve been making an effort to make it look relatively pretty, or at least give it more character than a few lines of text. I haven’t done a weekly planner in years but I felt like attempting it again this time around. Initial impressions: I’m going back to a freeform journal next year. There’s so much I’d like to put that just can’t fit into these tiny spaces, so I’m confined to putting the most important agenda and leaving the long narratives to my OneNote journal. Which… I guess is as it should be?

But yeah, these are some pages from 2023!

I’m very into using things to the very last bits of them, and for years now I’ve been using old makeup and nail polish to spruce up my notebooks. The cover of my notebook now features old nail polish and old glittery burnt orange-ish lipstick.

The last game I played in 2022 – and first game I played in 2023 – was Night in the Woods. It hit me hard. Definitely will write more about it soon.

Mial, my 7-year-old, likes drawing. I took snips from her old drawings and pasted them in the notebook. Her style has “evolved” now (her word, not mine). It’s much more angsty now and she prefers drawing dark-ish horror-y things these days.

The KitKat was part of a gift from a dear friend and mentor who I last saw before the pandemic. I love memories. Like Watsky, they’re my first most prized possession.

It’s why I keep all these journals. Probably why I’m a (gradually) recovering hoarder as well.