Goals before my 27th year ends

As usual, I fell down a rabbit hole today, or perhaps I leisurely made my way down with some sort of ladder. It started with cleaning out my email inbox and reading through all the newsletters and clicking on reading links (thank you Refind and Pocket and Austin Kleon I love you all) and finding Austin’s blog post on the goodness of journaling.

So, being a good listener, I followed his advice and time-traveled into the past again via the box of old notebooks I’ve been keeping under my desk for future use. Of course, I found some good stuff — including this list of “GOALS BY THE TIME I REACH 27” (HOPES & DREAMS?) :)

Fourteen-year-old Trisha probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelash at some of these things but 27-year-old-Trisha-who-definitely-does-not-carry-a-gun-or-throw-a-knife-or-carry-a-switchblade (Lord, what movie did I finish watching before I made this list?) is blinking hard.

Since I am actually 27 now, this discovery is pretty timely. I can also now make my own much more realistic list for before my 27-hood ends.

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